Leadville 100 - Finished.

Thanks to everyone for cheering, encouraging, and praying. It was an experience that will forever elude proper articulation. I learned things that can only be learned by going to the end of yourself, passing through great suffering, but somehow coming out the other side.
I dedicate the race to my wife Jennifer Ballard. She is my muse and my inspiration. During the darkest moments of my race, I would imagine seeing her at mile 99 and then I could find a way to keep going. Just the thought of her put strength in my mind and body. All of the best parts of me have been amplified by her love and partnership, and the worst parts of me have been muted. She brought into the world our wonderful children. TreeHouse would not exist without her care, belief, creativity, and influence. The world and my life are far better because of her. As many of you know she is also running her own long race... a race with cancer that she can't quit. Every day she has to put one foot in front of the other and keep going no matter how dark and long. Because she can't quit, I couldn't either.
Special additional thanks to my amazing crew and pacers: Jennifer BallardDoug BallardAmy GaitherMatt GaitherLauren Carter LarsenMatthew D C LarsenSamuel Adams, Todd Hillard, Josh HillardJoan UhreCraig Uhre, and Laura Shattuck. Thanks for helping me get over mountains and through valleys... literally and metaphorically. One of the most important lessons I learned out there was that even in things that seem like solo efforts we are absolutely dependent on the people around us, especially the ones that love us. I love you all.
- Jason Ballard
  The crew | #TEAMJB100

The crew | #TEAMJB100


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